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Sucking Dick in the Bath

Posted 10/11/06 in Bathing Suits, Cocksuckers

I love to get my dick sucked! And if a girl as sexy as Kelly from Shemales Get Fucked wants to suck me off, I’m certainly not going to complain. Some of these shemales sure know what they’re doing… first shemale Kelly starts sucking dick while bent over in the bathtub wearing her tight thong bikini, and takes the hard dick deep in her throat like a starving kid that hasn’t eaten for a week. After she gets her friend’s cock nice and hard she spreads those perfect butt cheeks of hers so she can take a dick deep in her ass. I bet her tight pink butthole feels so good wrapped around a nice hard cock. I’m about to blow my load just thinking about fucking this sexy shemale in the ass after she just gave me a killer blowjob!

sucking dick thong bikini

Thong bikini wearing tranny cocksucker gets fucked hard in the ass!

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Tranny Panty Upskirt

Posted 10/10/06 in Short Skirts

Upskirts shots are the best! It’s one of God’s little ways of saying… “Have a nice day!” Laisa Lins from Latina Tranny looks so good in her short little denim skirt. She looks even better when her skirt is pulled down and her big cock is pulled up! Laisa Lins has a nice fat cock on her petite little body and looks so hot when she’s naked in the pool like in today’s picture set. Laisa’s tits are perfect too! This girl is 100% sexiness. She’s actually about 120% sexiness since she’s packing a bit extra!

black thong denim upskirt

Laisa Lins from Latina Tranny wearing her short little denim skirt and thong panties, strips down to take a dip in the pool!

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Fucked in Red Fishnets

Posted 10/02/06 in Sexy Stockings

This sexy tranny isn’t wearing any panties, but she is wearing some extremely sexy red fishnet stockings on her nice toned and tanned legs. Carla Abiazzi from Shemale Club takes it up the ass like a real woman should! She looks so amazing wearing her red fishnets lingerie that I can hardly keep from cumming just imagining how good her tight asshole feels wrapped around my cock. When Carla Abiazzi wears sexy lingerie like this and takes it up her tight hole good and hard, I know it’s been a great day. See more of Carla taking it from behind in her red lingerie by clicking on the hot picture below…

fucked wearing red fishnets

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Thong wearing Cocksucker

Posted 08/27/06 in Cocksuckers

I love thongs, I love cocksuckers, I love trannies. Those three things make this post so hot… a thong wearing tranny sucking cock! I just wish it was my cock filling up this panty wearing tranny’s warm mouth! What a hottie in her tight leather thong with her nice lips wrapped around a big hard dick just waiting to explode in this sexy tranny’s mouth. I’m ready to explode just watching this girl suck dick like a professional!

black thong cock sucker

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Miriany Robreiro in Pink Lingerie

Posted 08/22/06 in Sexy Lingerie

As the name of the site says - Panty Tranny - I love to see sexy trannies in hot little panties and sexy lingerie! These girls look so good in their tight lingerie that they could be catalog models! I know I’d subscribe to that catalog if there were sexy shemales like Miriany Robreiro in it. This sexy shemale looks so good in her tight pink lingerie and black leather thong that it’s hard to even write this. Miriany Robreiro can be found at Shemale Club along with tons of other beautiful trannies that like to pose in their sexy lingerie and little panties. The best part about these sexy tgirls wearing skimpy lingerie is that their big hard treat is so close! My imagination goes crazy thinking about these trannies big dicks under their tight panties just aching to get out and shove it deep inside me. The girls at Shemale Club have the nicest cocks and their just waiting to dive into your tight asshole or have you suck them off and let you swallow their big load of girl cum!

tight pink dress

These girls love to take it in their tight asses as much as they like to give it, so get your dick as hard as possible so you can get the sexy trannies at Shemale Club excited to take your entire length in their nice tight girly butts!

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Dildo in her Ass

Posted 08/21/06 in Dildo Lovers

Todays sexy tranny loves big dildos deep in her ass. This ass toyed shemale can take a healthy size dildo all the way in! Her perfectly smooth body is so hot and looks so good with toys in her tight ass. I’d love to take the dildo out of this sexy shemale and fill her tight asshole with my big deep and fuck her until I’m balls deep in her tightness. Ass Toyed Shemales are some of the sexiest shemales I’ve found on the internet and have some of the best bodies. These girls all take toys in their asses and dicks down their throat. What a good time!

I Love Trannies

Posted 08/10/06 in Tranny Talk

Today’s post isn’t filled with pictures of sexy shemales or topless trannies, I just want to say how much I love trannies! There isn’t much that compares to a sexy transsexual with a big hard dick just waiting to plunge deep into your mouth and ass. I have no want for a guys dick in my mouth, but there’s no comparison when a sexy shemale has her big hard dick deep in your throat, pulls out and shoves it balls deep into your tight little asshole and blows her big load of warm creamy cum. I can’t decide what I live better - getting a hot cumshot in my butthole, or sucking off one of my tranny girlfriends until they blow their load in my mouth and let me swallow all of their hot cum!

I think I’m going to have to go out to the local tranny bar this weekend and either hookup with some of my regulars or find some new sexy tranny ass! In the meantime, I’ll have to settle watching tranny clips from one of my newest favorite shemale websites: Hot Shemale Movies. This site has some of the best shemale videos and shemale movies on the internet. The site certainly doesn’t lie when it’s called HotShemaleMovies!

Short Skirt Ladyboy

Posted 08/02/06 in Lovely Ladyboys, Short Skirts

Today is a good day because I love short skirts and I love ladyboys. So it doesn’t get much better than a sexy ladyboy wearing a short skirt! Today’s ladyboy upskirt picture set is courtesy of one of the best ladyboy sites around: Ladyboy Crush. At Ladyboy Crush, you can find all of the sexiest petite ladyboys and panty loving ladyboys around. And the best part of it, these are some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen!

String Bikini Panties

Posted 08/01/06 in String Bikinis

Today’s post is what Panty Tranny is all about. Tayla Dieckmann is one of the sexiest panty wearing trannies around. This sexy latina looks amazing in her skimpy string bikini with all her goodness packed away. I know her big cock is waiting to get out of those skimpy little panties just aching to dive deep into an awaiting hot hole. Latina panty wearing trannies are some of the sexiest around, and Tayla Dieckmann from Latina Tranny is no exception…

Do you Love Trannies

Posted 08/01/06 in Miscellaneous

I do. Stay tuned if you love trannies!

Topless Ladyboy in Lace

Posted 07/25/06 in Lovely Ladyboys

I can’t believe how amazing the lovely ladyboy looks! She has one of the greatest bodies around and a perfect set of tits on her body. I really have a thing for asian trannies, or ladyboys, and today’s feature girl is no exception. The beautiful brown hair and tight body looks amazing on this sexy ladyboy wearing little lace panties. I would love to get my face up in her lacy panties and just go to town!

tempting trannys

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