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This hot redhead shemale babe from Brazilian Shemales Club is just waiting to get fucked hard in her tight pink pucker hole! The way she bends over with her little schoolgirl skirt and no panties is an offer to just get taken from behind. Brazil has some of the hottest shemales on earth, and this shemale slut is no exception. She can only keep her tight thong panties on for a few seconds before she strips them off and starts spreading her legs to show her nice little surprise! She can keep the skirt on while I take her from behind and pound away like a carpenter building a house! If she’s been a good schoolgirl, I suppose I can reacharound and stroke her smooth cock for her until she just can’t take any more. I’ll be sure to keep my dick buried deep in her tight pink butthole while she blows her load all over the place. The sensation of her tight butthole contracting on my dick while she orgasms, should be enough for me to blow my load deep in her hot brazilian butthole!

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Perfect Ladyboy

Posted 11/05/06 in Lovely Ladyboys

Now this is a beautiful ladyboy! Everything about this girl is 100% sexy asian female - even her little asian dick! Her little cock is just the right size for a beginner shemale lover too so it’ll be easy to take all the way in whatever hole you wanna try with! But this sexy ladyboy would love to spread her perfect asian ass and take your hardness all the way in her tight little butt pussy!

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Posted 11/04/06 in Big Hard Cocks

Alexia Nogueira is one of the hottest latina tranny girls around. She has such a nice big dick that works at anytime - day or night. And by working, I mean that Alexia is able to get her cock rock hard and standing at attention at any time. Her big dick looks so appetizing on her sexy blonde frame. These pics of her are just making my mouth water and my butthole pucker just thinking about wrapping my lips around her big hard cock while I get Alexia so worked up that she has to blow a huge load from getting sucked off so good. But before I let her bust a nut, I’d make sure to lower my puckering butthole down onto her hard cock and make sure that it fills me up with all 7 or 8 inches of her hardness. Even then, I still won’t let her blow her load - not before a good hard fucking for at least an hour!

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Vegetable Dildo Lover

Posted 10/30/06 in Dildo Lovers

I wish I was a cucumber. Then I’d get to know how good it feels to be buried deep in the sexy Suelen shemale’s perfect little butthole. Suelen from Ass Toyed Shemales has a perfect body and a nice juicy butt. Her tight butthole can open up nice though so she can shove lots of phallic things up inside of her. Suelen can take carrots, cucumbers, and big dildos, like a champ and by the look on her face, she really likes how they all feel shoved in her pink puckerhole! I know I’d like to shove my dick deep in her ass and fill her up with my warm love juice while I reach around and stroke her cock till show blows her hot load in my hand so we can lick it off together and get ready to fuck and suck for the rest of the night!

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Divine Bubble Butt

What a perfect ass. Shemale asses don’t get much better than they do on this sexy brunette from Shemales Next Door! It’s hard to find a female with such a perfect butt; nonetheless, a sexy brunette shemale with this nice of a butt. The way her thong bikini just gets eaten in the middle of her butt cheeks makes me want to shove my hard cock in between those cheeks and just watch it disappear into the depths of her tight butthole!

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Face Down Ass Up

Posted 10/24/06 in Big Hard Cocks, Tight Thongs

Face down, Ass up… That’s the way I like to fuck! That’s how I like to fuck sexy shemales like Patricia Bysmark from Shemale Club! Patricia’s ass is so nice and inviting. I can tell that Ms. Bysmark is just waiting for a good hard ass pounding! And I’m not one to deny anything like that from her! I’ll be happy to shove my hard cock down into the depths of Patricia Bysmark’s awaiting tight pink asshole! I’d love to reach around and stroke her big hard cock while I fuck her in the ass too. The feeling of her hard dick in my hand stroking like a madman for Patricia to release her love juice all over the place. I think by that time I’d have to flip her over so she was riding on top of my like a cowgirl so she can shoot her streams of hot cum all over my chest and stomach. I can only hope that her big dick can shoot a load as far as my face so I can taste her wet warm goodness in my mouth while I have my dick deep in her ass!

Face Down Ass Up

I can hardly even finish writing this as I think about how good it would feel to fuck and get fucked by Patricia Bysmark. Please excuse me while I go take care of myself thing of this shemale goddess in her panties in my bedroom. I don’t think she’ll be in her panties for long if I have any say in the matter!

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Tasty Tranny Tayara

Posted 10/24/06 in Big Hard Cocks, Tight Thongs

Now this is what PantyTranny.com is all about! I’m talking about sexy tranny Tayara from Latina Tranny. Tayara knows how to have a good time, and she knows how to be sexy. These two things together is what can make a girl an amazing one. Tayara looks so good in her pink thong panties and her sexy little white and pink top. Those pics get me so excited that I practically blow my load when she gets naked and I can see her perfect cock and balls. Tayara’s cock is just the right size to have a fun filled night of shemale sex with!


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Now this is pretty damn sexy. I’m talking about SheAniMale. This is the hottest shemale hentai you can find on the internet. These hot tranny cartoon girls suck and fuck guys and girls and get fucked themselves by guys, girls, and other sexy hentai trannies. Never seen anything like it, well you’re in for a good time at the tranny hentai site that has some of the hottest tranny content that you’ve seen…

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Ass Up High

Posted 10/23/06 in Big Boobs, Tight Thongs

Damn, this tranny I came across from Shemales Next Door has some nice juicy tits and looks fucking hot in her tight white thong panties with her ass high up in the air just waiting to be stuffed deep with your big hard dick! And if you don’t want to fill her nice tight ass, I’ll be happy to shove my manhood deep in this tranny’s tight ass. I’d love to spread those nice buttcheeks, move that little white thong to the side, and plow her ass like I was working on a farm and had to plow 10 acres of farmland and only had half an hour!

I’ll tell you one thing, if I got to fuck this sexy shemale while she was doggystyle and wearing her little thong panties, I don’t think I’d last half an hour! Not the first time at least. I’d probably last about 5 minutes the first time I fucked this doggystyle hottie. I’d be ready to go again right away though. I’d love to have an all night fuck fest with a hot girl like this. I love panties. I love trannies. I love panty tranny!

Big Breasted Ladyboy

Posted 10/23/06 in Lovely Ladyboys

Now that’s a nice big dick on this sexy ladyboy from Ladyboy Crush! Asian ladyboys are such a hot group of girls. I love the big hard cocks on these tight framed ladyboy girls. The lovely ladyboys at Ladyboy Crush are some of the hottest around too. This site has a ton of the best asian shemales around. Don’t believe me? Click on the picture and see for yourself…

Tranny Marjorie Toying Her Ass

Posted 10/23/06 in Bathing Suits, Dildo Lovers

Tranny Marjorie from Ass Toyed Shemales looks so hot in her green bikini. She looks hot out of it too! Marjorie has a perfect cock and balls that are just waiting to plunge into your awaiting hole - ass or mouth. Or both! Shemale Marjorie’s asshole is also quite ready to be fucked good. She really likes to toy her ass with big dildos, vibrators, fruit, vegetables, and pretty much anything else that’s long and round and feels good shoved up her hole!

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Sara Hevyn Wearing Red Thigh Highs

Posted 10/20/06 in Sexy Stockings

Sarah Hevyn from Shemale Club is so fuckable in her red thigh high stockings and her big smooth cock and balls in between her legs. This busty brunette shemale has all the goods - nice tits, bangin body, nice tight asshole, and a big hard dick! Her big dick is perfect for a tight little butthole or a hot mouth waiting to take her cock and deep throat it good. Sarah Hevyn likes to take cock up her butt and a nice hard dick deep in her throat too!

Red Thigh High Stockings

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