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I love when I find some great panty tranny pictures as that’s what the heart of this site really is… sexy trannies in little panties! What’s even better than just some skimpy panties, is when the tranny is a total babe and has some sexy lingerie on while she loves to suck and fuck a nice hard dick! That’s exactly the pics I came across today from Tempting Trannys! Check out this hot lingerie tranny babe giving a good fuck and suck!…

Lingerie tranny fucking is a wonderful thing, and the tranny babes from Tempting Trannys are some of the hottest and most wild tranny chicks on the internet! Each and everyone of them loves a good romp and would love to give it to you any time you want!

Panty Tranny Sex

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One thing I love about trannies wearing panties is when they keep them on for sex. And that’s exactly what this hot tranny babe is doing! She keeps her skimpy black thong panties on as she takes her boy toy from the behind! All she has to do is pull her little thong to the side to unleash her beautiful cock and stuff it into this lucky guy. I think this guy is into trannies fucking in panties too… I bet he even asked her to keep them on so he can enjoy his pegging even more!

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You know he’s loving it too since he’s getting fucked in all kinds of positions too. It’s hard not to enjoy a good tranny fucking when she’s so hot and wearing skimpy thong panties!

From the archive: Big Hard Cock

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Alexia Nogueira is one of the hottest latina tranny girls around. She has such a nice big dick that works at anytime - day or night. And by working, I mean that Alexia is able to get her cock rock hard and standing at attention at any time. Her big dick looks so appetizing on her sexy blonde frame. These pics of her are just making my mouth water and my butthole pucker just thinking about wrapping my lips around her big hard cock while I get Alexia so worked up that she has to blow a huge load from getting sucked off so good. But before I let her bust a nut, I’d make sure to lower my puckering butthole down onto her hard cock and make sure that it fills me up with all 7 or 8 inches of her hardness. Even then, I still won’t let her blow her load - not before a good hard fucking for at least an hour!

Alexia Nogueira with a big hard cock looks so fucking sexy while she waits to fuck you good and hard!

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Latin Tranny Lingerie

Not only do I love tranny hotties in panties, I love them in sexy lingerie like today’s find… Latina tranny babe in lingerie is something that I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more often!

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There are a ton more hot latin trannies in little panties and sexy lingerie at Ultimate Tgirl!

Blowjob Hentai

The great thing about SheAniMale is that you can let your imagination run wild thinking of sexy trannies and everything you want to do with them… And even more so, what you want them to do to you! Explore all your deepest Panty Tranny desires with a bit of blowjob hentai from SheAniMale!

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Cream Filled Shemales

Cream Filled Shemales is all about sexy shemale babes getting their tight little ass pussies filled with warm creamy love juice! These shemale hotties love to suck and fuck and get every once of cum they possibly can - and that’s how it should be! Check out this petite tranny chick from Cream Filled Shemales that completely enjoys taking a nice hard rod deep in her little tranny ass!…

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There’s a ton of sexy trannies in little panties and stripping down to nothing when they get their tight holes filled with cum at Cream Filled Shemales! Take a sneak peek at some hot tranny fucking and sucking if you need proof!

Dildos and Cum

This hot tranny babe from Ass Toyed Shemales has a ton of fun filling up her tight asshole with her big toys! One thing that I love about trannies, is they love taking a big dildo up their tight little butts. I think the reason I love it, is because I know how good it feels while you stroke your hard cock with a big toy or cock stuffed up the backside! And of course there’s the sense of satisfaction of blowing that big load all over your stomach like these hotties…

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If you love hot shemales filling up their little behinds, Ass Toyed Shemales is the site for you!

Cream Filled Shemales

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There’s a brand new tranny site on the net and although it doesn’t have to do much with panties, it certainly has to do with trannies and what’s under their panties! At Cream Filled Shemales, these hot shemale babes take big loads deep inside all their girly holes! If you need a break from all the softcore tranny websites you’ve been seeing lately, Cream Filled Shemales is the hardcore tranny movie site you’ve been waiting for! Check out some of the samples from Cream Filled Shemales

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Explore your Femme Side

There’s a new site out there that asks you to explore your Femme Side - FemmeSide.com. It’s not just hot tranny babes, but lot’s of stuff that I’m sure you would enjoy if you enjoy Panty Tranny. Have fun exploring your Femme Side!

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Dildo and Stockings

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Now, as much as I like to see trannies in little panties, I won’t always be able to post about panties. There’s just too many sexy trannies out there that are post-worthy and not wearing any panties. Today, I’m not posting any panties, but Kelly from Ass Toyed Shemales is wearing some sexy fishnet stockings while she shoves a big lubed dildo into her tight little hole. Watch this sexy shemale fill herself with all kinds of toys! I can only imagine how good that feels!

World’s hottest Trannys!

As days go by, trannys become more and more sexy and feminine, and just plain HOT! I love myself a nice beautiful woman, but if she has a dick too, I’m in heaven! I know you may be thinking that there are so many trannys out there and that there’s no way some can be so gorgeous, but Tempting Trannys will prove you 100% wrong! These beautiful brazilian trannys and every other ethnicity will fool even the most macho man alive. And what’s so funny about that is that if one of those macho men ended up in the bedroom with one of these tempting tranny girls, they would definitely NOT pass up that opportunity up… nobody in their right mind would! If you think sexy tranny girls with big hard cocks aren’t for you, let me help you change your mind a bit….

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If you don’t get turned on by this latest and greatest tranny website on the internet, you just might not be a tranny lover at heart. That’s ok by me… it just means more Tempting Trannys for the rest of us!!!

Tempting Trannys

The pictures in today’s post don’t have anything to do with panties, but they sure have to do with trannys! I took these pictures right from the homepage of Tempting Trannys homepage. I don’t have any galleries yet for the site, but in all honesty, the tour is so hot that I don’t really even need any. This is some high quality, high-definition tranny porn! Take a look…

Hard to believe that’s a tranny? Well, let me prove that this hot babe definitely is 100% tranny goodness…


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Tranny Shopping

Now this is some hot tranny action! Nothing like going into a dressing room and end up having wild crazy tranny sex!

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